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Building your site so you can enjoy adding content

We build every site using a set of templates that you can work with. The templates control the overall layout, font, colour and other styling, so with a simple double-click you can edit the words.

It's easy to expand your site, as the menu navigation is designed to grow with the site, and there's handling for easy upload of images, videos, documents and other media.


Powerful, standard features

Zenario isn't just a pretty interface. It has a range of powerful features built-in as standard.


These days every good site is standards-based and mobile friendly; so we build responsive sites that make you look good on desktop, table and smart phone.

Version control

Prepare new pages in draft mode, and share them with other administrators, before publishing. Archived versions can be preserved.


Document libraries may be private or public, but setting up a document library, whether you have one download or thousands, is simple.



Powerful, GDPR-compliant personal data handling

We take data protection seriously, and Zenario has a huge range of tools for ensuring compliant data security and processing.


It's easy to create forms; whether for simple "email contact" forms, or for something more complex, you can drag and drop fields onto a canvas and rapidly build your form. You can define mandatory fields and validation.

For advanced requirements, our form system supports multi-step forms, save-and-resume, central lookup tables, file uploads and much more.

Legal basis for data processing

GDPR requires a legal basis for your processing of personal data, and so Zenario can record data in a special consent log, even if the form response data is quickly related to a separate off-website system.

Zenario can also be set to store data for only a limited time, so that it auto-deletes data that is too old to be reasonably stored.


We can encrypt personal data that is stored within the website; this is particularly important if your site has a secure extranet, but anyway is good practice even for storing a mailing list.

We run all our customer sites behind firewalls and with range of security measures, so this goes an extra step to apply the ultimate security to personal and sensitive data.


More advanced features


Many sites that we build include geographic information, so Zenario can include a database of physical places, anywhere in the world.

This may mean retailers, branch offices, project sites, places to stay, places to go out... the list is endless.

Zenario even has capabilities to handle hierarchies of places - such as a head office and branches - and relationships between locations and people through "roles".

By giving you the ability to model the real world in data, your website connects your world to your customers'. More about location management

Multi-lingual support

Websites can be multi-language, and serve multiple countries. A multi-lingual website has special demands, ranging from the visitor interface to the maintainability of the site's content.

More about multi-lingual sites.

Customisable online databases

It's increasingly expected that a site has a database built in: your site may be a repository for products; projects; cases... or anything.

Whatever it is, we believe that you should be able to edit that data, to import it, to export it, even to change the schema of that data by adding your own custom fields.

Zenario lets you do this. Every Zenario site has a built-in Dataset sub-system, which allows exactly that to happen.

More about online databases.

Extranet and intranet secure areas

When you need to control access to web pages, documents, other data or functionality, you need an extranet or intranet type site.

We've built Zenario to have full user management built into its core. An extranet needn't be hard to deploy. Here's how to get started. 


Ongoing support

A successful website is more than just a quickly-built site; it's about how the site is maintained and stays up to date with trends and tech.


That's why we have written Zenario with maintainability in mind. For every software feature we add, we ensure that it is easy to upgrade into the future.

Further customisation 

But that is where the similarity ends.

Most CMSs have modules or plugins available that your developer can put together to build a site. Written by numerous, disconnected developers who have no duty to ensure your site really works.

Zenario's modules all follow a clear standard-based approach, which ensure its modules come together quickly, and what's more will keep working together in the future.


Zenario is a free CMS. It's open source and written in the most popular software around.