Know where you are with mapping

There are many ways in which mapping and locations can be used on a website, whether it's a store locator for retailers selling your product or an advanced mapping system relaying geographical data, we can find the solution.

large mid blue circle a with white map pin

Store locators

We create sites with interfaces for browsing or searching for retail stores, international distributors, locations of projects and other places or regions that can be mapped in the real world.

We can provide a complete solution for such requirements, including:

  • visual design and implementation (including responsive interfaces for mobile)
  • out-of-the-box or custom development
  • data import or migration work
  • ongoing data management using a self-service tool.

Where appropriate we use our Zenario content management system as a platform. This has ready-made modules which allow us to deploy many store finder systems in minimal time. It has an extensible management interface through which you (as a site administrator) can edit and manage data about your locations on an ongoing basis.

If you have more bespoke requirements, our in-house team can create custom interfaces and systems.

Example of a store finder

Store finder on Google Maps

Advanced GIS systems

We develop advanced GIS systems, through which information can be displayed on a map.

For example, in the image shown here, average wind speed data is displayed as a coloured overlay on top of a Google map. The data access can be restricted, so that certain users can only see specific information about a certain area or country.

We can combine such systems with e-commerce for online payment, or with extranet functionality, so as to control access on a user-by-user basis.

Example of an advanced GIS system

WindClick wind data GIS (Geographic Information System)