The past couple of weeks have been busy, we’ve been performing upgrades of sites hosted with us to the Zenario platform, effectively version 7.0.2 of what was Tribiq CMS.

Here’s a quick tour.

Choose Where

This large travel site has some 300,000 destinations in its database, and provides objective reviews and information about places to stay and visitor attractions in Europe and North America.

By upgrading to Zenario, we have improved the manageability of the data. Our Datasets feature now underpins the Locations data, and means that our client can easily add fields to Locations without intervention from us, so improving responsiveness and keeping development costs low.


Visit Choose Where at


The International Whaling Commission’s site is large, and in particular has a document library of over 3,000 documents.

The Zenario platform includes superior document management, in which documents (such as PDFs, Word documents etc.) can be managed by administrators in a familiar folder hierarchy.


Visit IWC at

Bar Pro Bono Unit

This legal not-for-profit organization’s site includes public pages and a member’s area. The site is quite large, with a mixture of public web pages and member-only information.

By upgrading to Zenario, the tree-like view of the menu hierarchy makes it easier to organize the site and make the members’ area more easy to manage and navigate.


Visit Bar Pro Bono at

Living Reading

We’re proud to work for this organisation, which promotes business and life in general in our great home town.

We’ve just upgraded the site to Zenario, thus allowing better all-round management of the site. A great feature of Living Reading is a map showing how the town is fast developing, with improvements to infrastructure and new property. The map is now content-managed via Zenario’s Location management system.


Visit Living Reading at


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