Zenario 7.1 has been released, and contains a greatly improved feature set. Here's what to expect.

Zone-controlled administrators

This is an extremely powerful feature, meaning that you can give an administrator access to edit pages only in one part of a website.

This feature uses the the menu structure to define a zone: for example, it may be a News area of a site, or a group of regional pages, if a site has areas for specific geographic regions.

These administrators can then draft content items, edit, preview and publish them, but only in their nominated part of the menu. They can edit the text of menu nodes, but not restructure the menu as a full administrator might do. 

Translator administrators

It's now possible to create a translator administrator, who has access only to content items in a given language or languages.

This lets you give restricted access to a translator, who can then log into your site and translate pages from the original language into the target language. 

Such administrators can only create content items that mirror an existing one, and not add new ones. They can edit menu text in their language, but not add to the menu navigation itself. They also cannot access other data on the site.

Other improvements to administrators

We've added the ability to copy one administrator's permissions to another administrator. You can use this new feature to quickly set up multiple administrators with the same permission. 

Rapid data-entry

For rapid data entry (for example for contacts, users, locations or other data), there is now a "Save & create another" button. This makes it easy to create something in an admin box, save it, and keep the box open so as to add more records.


Plugin previews

We've added a preview box for plugins, that changes on the fly, while you're editing a plugin. It looks like this:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz031.png

Plugins are a great way to put something on one or more pages; the plugin is centrally managed so that any change will have an immediate effect on all pages on which it is used.

The new system makes it easier to get a well-styled view of how it will appear in the page, before you save.

Video help within Organizer

There is now video help available when you log into Organizer.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz029.png

Look out for the blue "Help" button on the left-hand side. We hope the videos will improve your enjoyment and productivity in Zenario.

Improved administrator security through an Admin Domain or Subdomain

Security is now improved through the use of an Admin Domain. When an Admin Domain is set, any administrator logging on is forced to go through the Admin Domain in order to log into Zenario.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz028.pngThis will often be a subdomain of the main domain. So for example, you may havecms.zenar.io, as the Admin Domain of zenar.io. Or it could even be a secret domain, like secret1234.zenar.io.

This new feature is good for security-conscious customers, because your hosting infrastructure can then have other security measures which lock down traffic on a per-domain basis. Firewall and other protection can block all but known users from getting to the Admin Domain or Subdomain.

This feature can be coupled with other security features, such as forcing SSL for admin logins, and the 2nd factor security code, introduced in Zenario 7.0.7.

SVG support

We've added support for SVG (scalable vector graphics) for all images. This is an essential improvement for handling graphics on retina and 4K displays.

Rollout plan

We are now rolling out Zenario 7.1 to all of our hosted customers, and hope to complete this by the end of October.




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