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How to use Google Translator Toolkit

Simon Chambers

13 Jan 2015

This article will give you a brief overview of the Google Translator Toolkit and will detail some of the translation tools and languages available. You will also learn how to upload a document, edit it and share it, as well as a few extra tools that may be useful.

Client sites upgraded to Zenario

Simon Chambers

13 Nov 2014

The past couple of weeks have been busy, we’ve been performing upgrades of sites hosted with us to the Zenario platform, effectively version 7.0.2 of what was Tribiq CMS.

Zenario 7 launched!

Simon Chambers

16 Oct 2014

The all new Zenario 7 has been launched today as a Community Beta version.

Zenario based website receives award

Simon Chambers

19 Sep 2014

The Zenario built website Haberman baby has been awarded a Gold Website Award from Mumpreneur UK for its responsive, and visually and technologically engaging website.

Our new CMS name… and great new features

Simon Chambers

22 Aug 2014

Tribiq CMS has evolved greatly over the past few years, and to go with the new interface is a new product name: Zenario.  Effectively this is version 7 of Tribiq CMS, so the upgrade path from Tribiq CMS version 6.1 to Zenario is smooth.

Making medicines safer online

Tony Butcher

4 Apr 2014

At Tribiq we are in the interesting position of working in a number of different industries. One which has been on my mind a great deal lately has been the issues of the counterfeit medicines.

Seven things you need to know about design for mobiles

Tony Butcher

20 Jun 2013

In 2012, the web design industry got serious about design for mobiles. According to Walker Sands, in Q1 2013 almost 24% of web traffic is now from mobile devices.  Some in this industry expect that in 2013, the percentage of web traffic from a mobile device will exceed 50%. That sounds like a tall order, until you look around on the street, on public transport, and you realise that many people spend most of their time glued to a mobile device.

How to deal with Cookie Consent in your CMS

Tony Butcher

14 Jun 2013

If your site is hosted in the European Union (or your target audience is in the EU) and you use cookies on your site, then by law you must offer some form of consent message to visitors.


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