BxBy is a B2B commercial innovation agency focused on product distribution and brand expansion.


Logo design

As well as the website design we creates the new logo for BxBy.

There were some initial ideas already in existence, but the client wanted us to evolve them in a new direction.

The use of hexagons in the motif allows lots of B2B scope and suggests building strong and profitable connections with this analogy.

We came up with a series of conceptual ideas, which with very clear and concise communications with our client, the new BxBy logo and brand was born.


Our client wanted a striking design with strong, quality images.

We used a series of images built into a single long page in a line by line layout which showed off the client's products and capabilities in the baby and toddler market.

The navigation was pinned to the top of the browser and reacts to the users scrolling, to show a dark and light top navigation, where the logo will swap according to the background.


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