Corporate Safeguarding

Corporate Safeguarding helps organisations to lead by example by raising their standard of safeguarding and supporting them when expertise or investigation is required.

Its PEMS® services and solutions are focused on regulation, reputation and responsibility and are designed to deliver a social and safety benefit that defends value, creates value and mitigates risk.

We needed a visually engaging dynamic site that conveyed the benefits of safeguarding to the businesses community and showcased our services and solutions.

It ticks all the boxes. Thank you Tribal Systems team for your work.

— Mark Bramah MD

Logo design

The team at Corporate Safeguarding — CoS for short — were keen to create a logo that could also be use as a type of "quality mark". So we worked with the abbreviated "CoS" to create the logo.

The final logo was designed to be quite "corporate", while maintaining its connection to the sensitive nature of safeguarding in business.

With close client involvement, our branding team came up with a series of conceptual ideas, and the CoS brand was born.


We used a palette of subtle blues and greys to work in harmony with the brand colours.

As the business is about people, we used largely human-centred imagery and made most content related images monochrome.

After the design phase, we built the site on our Zenario content management platform.


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