Bar Pro Bono

Charity for free legal assistance from volunteer barristers

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Illustrations with Infographics

Our in-house design team created a range of infographics that are displayed in a slideshow.

These portray in simple pictorial terms the process that an applicant goes through when applying for legal assistance through the site. 


Google ChromeScreenSnapz035.png


Responsive design

The Bar Pro Bro website is that of a responsive design, meaning that it has been optimised to be viewed on different mobile devices.

Different menus will be used to accommodate touch screen and images will resize for optimum viewing. 

BPB iphone smaller



In a private area of the site, there is an extranet area with information on legal cases.

We built a custom feature that would allow administrators to upload legal cases to then display on the front-end.

Members and/or their clerks can then log in to the website and browse available cases with which they might be able to assist.