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We have had several years of good experience with Tribal Systems. I am particularly impressed with the usability of the current system.

— Len Wright, Managing Director, Choose Where Ltd.

Online travel directory

Designed using Zenario content management system we built a web site that contains well over 10,000 pages of content, 8 levels of menu navigation, and over 100,000 manageable locations.

Each listing can be added to a shortlist for later reference, viewed on a Google Map and linked to customer reviews.

There is also a tagging system in which a site visitor can click on a tag and the results will filter accordingly. 

choosewhere shortlist


The site makes extensive use of mapping, including some customised Google maps.

Visitors can use map-based views to find hotels and destinations. For more information you can click on the location pin.

Administrators of the site can define polygon areas on the map to then show all locations within that area to visitors.

Google map


Tribal Systems has created an effective Choose Where logo, to be used for online and printed media.

choosewhere logo


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