International Mediation Institute

Non-profit public interest initiative

We have been delighted with the product, service and value for money from Tribal Systems.

The CMS is easy to use, secure, versatile and robust... In a word - excellent.

Irena Vanenkova, International Mediation Institute

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Worldwide Mediator Search

A key part of the site relates to the Mediator Search system that we developed.

Mediators may sign up to the website, and may develop a searchable profile. Users can then search for mediators and filter by location, language, mediation style, practice areas and any keywords in the name or profile. 

Mediators of interest can be added to a shortlist by a user for later reference. 

Search area

Interactive Q & A system

We set up a question and answer page on the website so that mediators can ask questions to other mediators for tips and advice.

Questions and answers

How to become certified