Electronic storage for Wills

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Online payment system

We built a secure online payment system for registered users to buy various Will storage options. 


As part of the payment system we built an extranet for WillScan. Once a user is registered they can access information such as buying or renewing their Will storage plan, viewing their order history and uploading their copies of a Will.

Pay online for Will storage

Designing to invoke trust

Our in-house design team created a new logo for the company. The objective was to capture the essence of security and trust and to make the brand sit well within the legal industry.

will scan logo

System integration

The website integrates with several other systems such as the Kofax front office server which allows users to upload or scan in their Wills.

We also created a method of integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: customer details are stored there and changes are synchronised to the website.

Upload a Will