ELGA LabWater

Water treatment company

I have had an excellent experience of working with Tribal Systems over the last year. They have undertaken some major projects with great success and technically we have pushed the boundaries.

Marketing Manager, ELGA LabWater

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Multilingual website

The ELGA LabWater website, is a true multilingual site, with the entire site delivered in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Content is synchronised across the various language versions, though with certain variations so as to accommodate different messages for certain languages.

The site auto-detects the visitor's language based on browser settings, and directs the visitor to the relevant home page. 

elga chinese

Map-based worldwide distributor finder

The site features an interactive map navigation tool so that users can find a distributor in any world-wide location by simply clicking anywhere on the map. There are also tabs at the top to quickly navigate between continents. 

elaga world map

Product Selector

Our developers have created an intuitive product selector.

It uses simple drop down selectors for users to filter their searches. There are a wide array of items which can be filtered, these can be edited and added quickly by administrators, creating a maintainable system for ELGA to use and update.

elga product selector

Integrated WordPress Blog

We built an integrated WordPress blog on the ELGA LabWater website. Using a Wordpress blog enables many different authors easy access simultaneously to different articles.

Our developers have ensured the WordPress blog and ELGA website are consistent in both design and use. The blog can be filtered by category, authors and archived articles.

elga blog