Mary Hare

Specialist school and charity

Tribal Systems always respond quickly to questions and implement changes and developments promptly.Jane McMillan, Development Director, Mary Hare

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Interactive design

Our team created an interactive way to show the menu on the home page of the website.

The leaves on the tree design show information when hovered on with the mouse.

This unique design has been carried through to other pages of the website and incorporated into the company timeline, again creating a consistent visual design.

Tree design


Hearing Services - Arlington Labs

The Hearing Services website displays hearing aids, repairs and earmoulds.

Each Microsite has its own URL (web address), the sites navigation reflects this by changing to the correct URL as visitors navigate around the site.

The Arlington Labs website gives the user the ability to explore the ear mould products offered, including materials and styles.

Arlington labs


HARS (Hearing Aid Repair Shop)

This microsite deals with customers buying services and products online.

We developed an online payment portal to deal with users buying hearing or cleaning services, as well as wide range of products and accessories.

The visual look and usability of these micro sites are consistent across all sites, providing clear continuity between.

Hearing aid repair


Hearing Centre

Mary Hare's Hearing Centre is based in Newbury and this site displays the services they offer. We have designed a bespoke coloured location map to fit into the theme and design of the website.

We made a FAQ area and a colour coded map that fits to the colour palette of the website.

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