Property monitoring dashboard

Property monitoring dashboard shows Zenario and Sierra Wireless' AirVantage platform

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Alarms, maps and graphs

The site is a demonstration dashboard for Sierra Wireless's AirVantage, the application enablement part of the IoT Acceleration Platform.

Called "Blueberry", the site shows how alarms can be handled — for intrusion detection, moisture detection, and frost. It can be viewed as a dashboard, and when an alarm occurs the site makes an audible "ping" to notify the user, and can send an email and/or SMS alert.

Locations can be monitored on a map, and there are historical charts showing the times and locations of where alarms have occurred.


blueberry screen animation


Running on Zenario

The portal runs on the Zenario content management system, onto which we have built a number of software modules to enable the IoT portal functionality. Those modules turn a Zenario CMS into an Assetwolf customer portal. Styling and customisations of the functionality turn that into the Blueberry system.

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Portal architecture

The portal connects with the remotely monitored properties via Sierra Wireless's AirVantage platform. AirVantage receives both application and connectivity data from the properties. It acts as an aggregator and mass storage platform.

In simple terms, AirVantage receives data from the properties via GSM mobile data. It stores the data, although AirVantage's capabilities go far beyond that. For instance, the user can manage the lifecycle of the embedded applications, and the mobile subscriptions from multiple operators.

In the Blueberry system we use AirVantage in two ways: the portal queries the AirVantage API to for most data retrieval and to send commands to a remote device; however, when handling alarms (such an intrusion alarm) which requires immediate notification, AirVantage uses the AMQP protocol to send data immediately to the portal.

intrusion alert1

intrusion alert2