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Tribal quickly and efficiently built our new multi-lingual website, and were able to capture our visual design in the way we had hopedJon Parr , Tentipi

Design by wyldebydesign.co.uk

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International store finder

We developed this store finder for Tentipi that displays their store locations on a map using custom icons that represent various types of store and what they sell. We also added a feature where the user can select a map of specific country to view its stores as well.

Tentipi where to buy


When first accessing the Tenitpi website the user will be asked to select their region/country from a predefined list. Once selected the site with convert all content to that language and will also remember the users choice on the next visit. There is also a language selector at the bottom of the page should the user wish to change languages at any point.

language selector


Visually powerful menu

Featured image

You can create a menu that has a "featured" image (large side image) as well as text that links to different top level menu nodes. This area could be used for featuring product information or promoting an offer on your site. You can also resize and crop the image as appropriate.

Rich menu nodes

Rich menu nodes have images (at the bottom of the menu), text and custom CSS associated with them. This is particularly useful for demonstrating themes or content of individual pages to the site visitors.

Each image is assigned to a different menu node and is displayed accordingly.

Tentipi icon menu


Updated design for Event tents

The events side of the website have had a considered redesign which is highly visually compelling.

Tentipi events tents design