World Federation of Neurology

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Our new website has attracted a great deal of attention and drawn nothing but complimentary comments from our members. We are very pleased indeed with the end result.Keith Newton, WFN Executive Director

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A complete redesign for 2016

This year we have created a new design for the World Federation of Neurology with lots of new features added and a richer, more modern site design.

The design was also a high priority for our client. It needed to be cleaner and hold the users' attention though an image-rich news area on the home page.

The site is now responsive, so easy to use on mobiles, with navigation that reduces size as the users scrolls.

We designed the whole thing and built the site to run on Zenario CMS.

wfn home iphone 2016

Document library

We set up a document library for WFN in order for them to store all of their publications (over 400) in PDF format. Each PDF can then be offered as a download to site visitors. 


wfn doc library 2016


A more visual navigation

The new website shows off a new image rich navigation, helping users identify quickly areas they may want to visit on the site.

wfn rich menu 2016


Selective news feeds

On the new home page, news is displayed in three different news categories.

wfn news filter 2016