We offer PSD-to-HTML conversion as a standalone service, for WordPress or the Zenario content management system.

So if you have a creative design in PSD (Photoshop Document) format and want a site building that matches it pixel-perfect, talk to us. We'll turn it into a site that works brilliantly on desktop and mobile browsers.

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The process

This is a basic overview of the process that is employed when converting a Photoshop document into code for a website.

  • We use a layered PSD file when converting to HTML as it allows each graphic (or asset) to be independently manipulated.
  • We can then extract the assets from the different layers of the file. This means that each design is broken down into each asset to easily manage the coding process. We can also determine CSS information from the file in order to examine each graphic and read off the styles for fonts, colours and measurements.



  • Once we have extracted the assets we can then structure and build the site. Our CSS expert can make style sheets which will keep consistency around the site, some javascript may also be used for certain features.
  • Once built, the site will have a thorough review process with testing on several browsers and devices.
  • The final stage is to add content to the site.

Image optimisation

It is important that your website loads quickly on all devices, this is why we always optimise images to the lowest sensible quality. This ensures that the size of your website (in terms of data) is kept as small as possible.

We also make judgements on what file formats should be used depending on the colours of the image as well as where it is going on the site.

Responsive design

We will also make sure that your website is fully responsive, should you wish it to be. 

This involves understanding how different elements will react when shown on a smaller screen. We use our judgement and know-how in order to decide which assets will show or be removed on a smaller device.