SEO and optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the key to driving quality traffic to a site. While there are ways of using paid search to acquire traffic, a well-considered strategy to improve natural search traffic is usually more cost effective and delivers traffic that is more likely to meet your objectives.

Tribal offers a high quality SEO service that appraises your site and implements measures to improve natural search traffic.

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Website evaluation

We will evaluate your website testing 50 specific points. This will tell us what areas need to be improved. We will also submit an XML site map and install Google Webmaster Tools for ongoing analysis.


Keyword research

A select choice of keywords will be selected based on our research and analysis of your website. We may also ask for a small consultation to clearly define and refine the keyword list.

Onsite SEO

Our in-house SEO expert will be able to optimise many elements on your website including:

  • Page Title tags
  • Page meta description tags
  • Image alt tag optimisation
  • Hyperlink optimisation
  • URL optimisation
  • Find and fix/report broken links

YouTube video optimisation

If you have any YouTube videos on your site then we can optimise these as well. We will optimise:

  • The video title
  • Video filename suggestion
  • Video description
  • Video tag optimisation
  • Embedded video optimisation

Black hat, white hat

There are "black hat" and "white hat" tactics to improve search engine visibility. "Black hat" methods, once widely used by search engine specialists, are increasingly frowned upon as search engines such as Google and Bing get more intelligent, and can spot these techniques. Use of black hat techniques usually leads to being black-listed by search engines, resulting in visibility being lost.

We use only "white hat" techniques to improve visibility, which are more transparent and open methods to make content visible.

Report & suggestions

We will issue you with a comprehensive report detailing exactly what we have implemented.

Where more detailed content exists which needs to be improved by an editor with skills in a business area, we will advise you and your copy-writing team on how to improve the content to attract more search engine traffic.