Online document libraries

Save time finding your documents by using an online library. Upload, create and update files where everyone can see them.

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Sharing documents to a membership

By using a membership document library we will be able to let you share all of your related documents in a quick and tidy fashion to any or all of the members you have on your system.

Share documents to a membership

Confidential documents

Using a secure method to transport confidential documents is of the highest priority when we build our document libraries. We make sure you have up to date security and protection when transferring your important files.


A good example of a document portal is the one we created for Elga LabWater partners. We created a portal that would give users an overview of every product and service that the company offers. This meant that a vast array of different documents needed to be uploaded and presented in a way that was easy to understand and navigate.

We produced a system where each topic or description heading is in a clickable tab and then the documents relating to that are shown next to it.

We also created an advanced search box that allows the logged in user to select results by category, language, key words or all three. The results displayed will also have a graphical preview next to the result for further enhancement.

Confidential documents on the portal