International Whaling Commission (IWC)

Global body for whale conservation


Website redesign

We're proud to have theInternational Whaling Commission as a long-standing customer, and we designed the IWC's website about ten years ago. It stood the test of time, but in 2022 it was time for a redesign.

We created a new look design, using a combination of strong marine imagery and a calm, largely blue, colour palette, to give it a fresh appearance with a clear and positive style.

Advanced search

IWC now uses Zenario's improved Advanced Search module, which recently was updated with a much better search algorithm.

The search looks across the various kinds of content on a site, including regular web pages, documents, and news articles.


Document library

The site has a considerable number of pages and includes details of events, such as the annual IWC meetings.

These events are held annually and the website holds over 2,500 downloadable publications relating to each.