Custom online application development

Could my site really do that...?

We love it when customers give us challenges!

We talk to our customers, give them confidence that we know how to help them, and come up with solutions. We turn them into working, reliable, user-friendly systems, and in doing so transform what our customers can do.

Some examples

We have built:

  • customer portals
  • searchable document repositories
  • searchable databases of travel destinations
  • psychometric evaluation systems
  • e-commerce systems
  • financial calculators
  • video libraries
  • integration with CRMs and stock control systems
  • conference booking systems
  • membership management systems for societies
  • product consumable calculators.

Open source, so your site is truly yours

We build projects using popular open source products such as the MySQL relational database, the Ubuntu Linux operating system, and the PHP and JavaScript languages.

Once built, we can host your system for you, to provide a complete service. 

However, we like to keep our customers through excellent service rather than through contractual or technical lock-ins. So we always make a promise that should you ever wish to take your site and host it on your own hosting service, you are able to do this.


Our stack