Tribal are leaders in MySQL consultancy and development

We have over 20 years' experience working with MySQL, the worlds most popular open source database.

MySQL is widely seen as the best database for web-based systems: it's free, fast, lightweight, easy to install, and widely supported. Most programming languages can store there data in a MySQL database. It is also highly scalable, can store both tabular and no-SQL (JSON) type data, and can be used in replicated and secure systems.

Tribal's Managing Director Tony Butcher has written the key SAMS' book on the subject, Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days.

Are you considering adding a database to your site?

You wouldn't be alone if you started by keeping some valuable data in an Excel spreadsheet, safely stored in an offline environment.

But why not give your data a new lease of life, and put it online in a controlled way? On your website.

Here's our 1-2-3 guide to getting your data into a secure, online environment.


Steps to building an online database


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