Mortgage Required

Independent Mortgage Advisors with offices across the south of the UK.

We've been working with Tribal for over 20 years now and recently asked them to take on a re-design project for our website. Tribal's design team are quick to respond to queries and are happy to comprehensively explain how everything works behind the scenes! We would be happy to recommend them based on their professionalism and expertise.

— Marketing Manager, Mortgage Required

Website redesign

Mortgage Required's style is friendly, informal, and approachable. Their customers are members of the public and so this is a B2C consumer-facing site, with a simple marketing objective.

Our design objective was to create a website that focuses on the human element: it's essentially about buying a home, so we included imagery of common household things!

With a combination of fun images, bright colours and different shapes, we believe we achieved this goal.

We prioritise the responsive design, because analytics tells us that a significant percentage of the site's traffic comes from mobile devices.

Site map

The site map has come through from the client's previous site, but with some important modifications.

We think that "less is more", and so the quite extensive site map was slimmed down (in appearance anyway), by providing easy navigation to the most popular pages, but without losing the many less-trafficked pages that provide depth and authority for good search engine optimisation (SEO).

Team page

To keep the site friendly and about people, we improved the "Meet the Team" page.

The design added both formal, office shots of the team, plus their "weekend" persona as well! So the team are portrayed as they really are —  approachable, understanding, able to listen well, and find a solution for every customer.

External sites

Mortgage Required uses external tools that are integrated with the main website.

These are important marketing tools, with calculators and other features to do with mortgages, insurance and other related things.