Website design for industrials

Industrial companies usually don't sell directly to the public, but need a website for presenting their products nonetheless. The site's visitors may be distributors, end user clients, investors or people looking for a position at the company.

Company policies on environmental, social and governance are often very important, so much emphasis is often needed for content in these areas.

Types of industrial client

Services for industrials

Why choose Tribal for your industrial sector project?

We understand the needs of customers in the broader industrial sector, having built a number of sites for such clients.

For the public brochure area of sites, we create high quality designs, that are capable of showing off a manufacturer's technology, products and services.

But industrial client sites usually need to have far more detailed information, in the form of images, downloads and videos. They also may need custom interfaces, with forms, specialist calculators and other features.

These are frequently delivered through password-protected areas (i.e. extranet portals), which can be accessed by distributors or other partners.

We are quite comfortable delivering complex sites such as these, building them on a dependable content management system for easy editing of content.


Example industrial projects