US-based company delivering natural gas and natural gas liquids.


Website design

We were very excited to be involved in creating two websites for SeaOne, their main corporate SeaOne Holdings site and a sister site for their Caribbean operations.

We expanded their exiting brand through the use of strong colour palettes and font combinations to show off the company's forward thinking approach delivering natural gas liquids to Caribbean and other world markets.

Despite this being an overseas customer, we successfully worked closely with our client to make what we think is a great-looking pair of websites.

Animated diagrams

We created an animation showing how SeaOne's patented technology is used to transport natural gas liquids in a technically novel and advanced way.

Bespoke map graphics

The websites required stylised maps to be used to highlight SeaOne's supply routes.

Animated company timeline

We created a stylish and interactive representation of the company's history so far.