Forms on a website are a critical part of customer interaction.

At Tribal we think they should be easy to use for users, and easy to manage for website owners.



Sending form data to the right place

We build form systems to give maximum control over where form data is sent.

For example:

  • the customer can be sent an acknowledgement
  • the site owner can be alerted
  • the form data can be logged
  • the form data can create a Contact or User in the site's database
  • a lead can be created in a separate customer relationship management system (CRM).

By providing a range of powerful options, the form systems we deliver can easily be adapted to a range of needs, whether in sales, customer service or other functions.

Building forms

We give site owners a high degree of control over forms.

User-friendly forms

Forms needn't just contain text boxes: we support checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-downs and much more. It's easy to determine which fields should be mandatory for the user to complete.

For advanced requirements, fields can be auto-calculated based on other field values (e.g. to sum two values). Fields can also be mirror fields, re-stating something entered previously by the user.

Long forms can be split into multiple pages, and attachments can be added.

Syncing data to users

Forms can integrate with custom data about users. For example, where a user fills in a data capture form, the data can be used to either create a Contact record, or to update an existing one, in the situation that that user has filled in the form previously.



Form screenshot

CRM integration

When used in a sales or marketing situation, form data can be captured not only on the website, but also inserted as a "lead" in an external CRM, such as Salesforce™.