Atlantic Methanol (AMPCO)

Methanol production company

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New logo design, new website design

We have just finished a new logo and website design for this long-standing client.

They asked us to revitalise their logo and to look at ways of making it feel more modern, while still retaining some of the core elements from the existing one. They were very pleased with the final result which now sits proudly on the new site.

The website also has been totally redesigned with a more visual presence, clean positive fonts add character, combined with simple dynamic navigation. The website has been well received, and we've had very positive feedback.

Atlantic methanol new site logo

Image gallery

AMPCO has a strong focus on corporate responsibility in Equatorial Guinea, and the image gallery is a great place for showing, rather than telling, how the company gets involved in enhancing the local community.

We created an image gallery so that AMPCO can show its work, with images of the production plant, its employees, and its community.

Atlantic methanol photo gallery


Mobile-friendly site

The new site is of course mobile-friendly!

All aspects of the site are accessible in the mobile view, but with subtle adjustments, such as a change of font to enhance readability, while retaining the character of the new design.

Atlantic Methanol mobile


Multilingual website support

We used the Zenario multilingual content management software for this site, which enables efficient management of multi-language web pages in both English and Spanish.

Atlantic methanol multilingual