A unique design experience

We know that design is important, but we also know that creating a good working relationship is essential for a successful project.

We will consult you frequently, we will listen to what you have to say and use our experience and knowledge of the industry to deliver a unique and well tested website that will improve your brand and customer engagement. 

And after the design is complete we will provide you with essential aftercare to maintain your brand new website.

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We're delighted with the site. It looks fabulous - a big thank you to all the team.Philip Woodgate, Partner, Goodman Jones LLP

The design process

Key skills

Logos & Branding

Your logo and visual identity will be the very first thing that your customers see

What makes a good logo? A good logo should be distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message.

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Research and idea generation

Your logo is not just an attractive visual, it will be the development of your brand and a way of communicating your statement.

Before we start to sketch out ideas for a logo design, we carry out research and spend time compiling information on your brand, who you are, what you do and what your service or product delivers.

We like to involve you, as the client, fully at this early stage of the process, to ensure we evaluate and understand your brand fully. It is essential that the message is clear before any actual designing takes place.

Putting pen to paper is a much faster way to produce initial ideas even if it's quick sketch it will convey our ideas correctly to start the process going.

logo thought creation

Typography & colour

When it comes to logo design, typography is fundamental and it’s important to keep the font choices classic and simple whilst avoiding any over-embellishment.

We take into account the type of words being depicted. For example class and style can equate to fonts with elegant scripts or serifs, whereas movement can be depicted with a font that is slanted, as you can see in the the WindClick logo.

We take great care in the consideration of colour and tone. Logos are considered as purely black and white as well as in colour. We always show how colour can convey a particular meaning, and by adjusting tonal aspects we can make visual associations.

Adhering to no more than two fonts helps to keep the logo clean, clear and legible.

WindClick font ideas

Digital artwork

Taking onboard your feedback and our initial sketches we start creating digital concepts.

Bringing in our font selections, colours and shapes we start moulding the ideas that have made it through from the sketching phase, evolving the structure and positions of elements within the logo.

If the logo is going to be ‘locked up’, i.e. it contains a strap line, or may be connected to another visual it is good practice to build the spacial connections here and also see how the logo works in various situations. At this stage we have four or five concepts to present to you, from there we will work with you to start the refining process.

Logo idea generation

Logo refinement

The penultimate stage involves taking the designs to a refined stage. Taking into account spacial refinements and size considerations, for example; testing how it will look if printed on a postage stamp, on stationary or if it gets rendered on the side of a large billboard.

We endeavour to future proof the logo, but there may be aspects that will change or need to be adapted in the future. Final drafts will be sent to you to be signed off, then production work may well be needed in the supply of the logo.

WindClick logo refinements

Finished logo

The finalised design will be displayed in variations of the logo, displaying the different formats in accordance to how it will be used (for screen and print mediums).

Our design team also create a set of favicons for use on desktop computers and mobile devices. A general style guide can be provided with the logo, which may contain information in respect of Pantone colours and how the colours get broken down into CMYK and RGB values. Other options may include, black and white, monotone and reversed versions of the logo.

WindClick Logo

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