Choose Where

Hotel and tourist information provider

We have had several years of good experience with Tribal Systems. I am particularly impressed with the usability of the current system.

— Len Wright, Managing Director, Choose Where Ltd.

Searchable travel directory

The heart of the site is a database of half a million locations — places to stay, eat, and visit across the UK and continental Europe.

There are many search engine optimised pages, and also there are filters with which visitors can further refine their results. There's a live availability and pricing feature, so that visitors can immediately see what's available, and then click to book.

The site is completely based on our Zenario content management system, which has a powerful set of location management tools, both for administrators and for website visitors.


A key aspect of the site is mapping, so that visitors can review their choices on a Google map.

Administrators of the site can define polygon areas on the map to highlight special areas.


There's a shortlist system, with which visitors can refine their searching, and email their favourites to a friend.


Tribal designed the latest Choose Where logo, which is used for online and printed media.