David Perridge

Coaching, training and therapy and provider.

In setting up a new business, having a website that accurately and creatively reflected the values as well as the content of what I'm offering was vital. Tribal have worked with me, sometimes following and sometimes leading, to ensure that I now have a site that fully reflects what my business offers and represents. I'm grateful for their expertise, their attention to detail, and for their commitment to translate my thoughts and ideas into something I'm proud of.

— David Perridge

Logo design

Tasked with creating a digital identity for the David Perridge offering, Tribal designed a logo.

Working along the lines of simplicity and clean lines, we proposed a number of variations, discussed with the client, and eventually settled on the most suitable that satisfied the client.

Video library

Videos were a key part of the site, so we used the Zenario video library feature to manage and display them.

Responsive design

Naturally the site was designed with mobile-friendliness in mind, so we built it to be as friendly on mobile as on desktop.