Consultants in the software industry, USA


A new visual identity

Everware-CBDI is a long-standing Tribal customer, and are now based in Washington, DC.

The purpose of the re-design was to update the content delivery, and to improve the way it is communicated.

A key challenge was how to find visual imagery to create an "identity", when the client's product is quite intangible, and occupies a specific niche of the software industry.

We held several structured meetings with the client, produced visual mock-ups of the new site, and undertook a considerable amount of image research in order to create the "look" that looked right. We created light boxes with a range of potential imagery, and this helped us and our client in develop the new identify.

Redefine the colour palette

We developed a new colour palette, not far from the old one, but enough to give the logo more clarity and the site some more individuality.

Other features

There are gated content pages, giving access to downloads.

There is a popup form, pinned to the foot of the browser, it is designed in a subtle way, so as not to intrude on the users' website experience.