International Camellia Society

World-wide membership society of camellia enthusiasts


Redesign for languages, SEO and mobile

A long-standing and international customer, the International Camellia Society recently asked us to upgrade their site.

We redesigned the site completely, making it support content in multiple languages, improving PageSpeed speed scores, and making it easier to use on mobile.


With members all over the world, it was important to make content available in a range of languages.

Using the powerful multilingual features in Zenario, we added the translations for the key areas of the site, including non-Roman alphabet languages such as Chinese.

Journal archive search

The Society has a large library of information about camellias. The site gives access to the Society's Journal and its extensive archive.

This is a great example of how Tribal has built a searchable document repository, containing thousands of documents.

There is a search system for members to search the database of articles by keywords and dates.

Location information

The new website now has a map and listing view for users to view "gardens of excellence" around the world. There is key information about each garden.