Rapid Washrooms

Washroom automation company

The Assetwolf platform is the key to delivering and continually enhancing our service.

— Edward Lymn, CEO, Rapid Washrooms

Automated washrooms IoT portal

We have been working with Rapid Washrooms, a leading innovator in the washrooms automation and maintenance industry, to deliver its internet-connected systems to the market.

The overall system embodies a range of "smart" dispensers, connected to washroom facilities that deliver cleaning fluids to toilet cisterns, and soap to soap dispensers. The dispensers ensure that toilets and wash basins are always maintained in top condition.


Data visualisation

When connected to the internet, Rapid Washrooms products can provide real time data from washrooms, presented through an intuitive user interface, giving access to graphs and charts and enabling users to observe equipment usage throughout the day, week, month or year and compare the data from one area, room or dispenser with another.  



There is an area that displays schematic diagrams with live internet of things data overlaid.

If you have a diagram of the machine, production line, property or whatever you want to monitor, you can upload it to Assetwolf and then overlay it with "hot" areas through which data will appear. These can be hotspots, rectangles and polygons, to suit the shape of the diagram underneath.