Sales training & consultancy


Friendly design for a
service-focussed company

At Tribal, we design unique, one-off sites, not run-of-the-mill, formulaic sites that resemble a thousand other ones.

For Salecology we worked closely with the client top team. We developed the "story telling" and personas needed to fashion this vibrant based site in accordance with their original idea. Salecology have a passion for their new service — none less than the psychology of selling — and we wanted that to come through in the website.

So we designed the with potential user journeys in mind, and a navigation which allowed for exploration of a new visitor, while allowing for a seasoned user to quickly get to their goal, i.e. booking a course or an assessment.

Courses and events

Users can find and book courses or attend suitable events that will benefit them or their businesses.

We used a large selection of imagery across the site, they were used to engage and inspire sales team leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Visual branding was a strong element when creating the website, the colour scheme combined with good images delivers clear and concise messaging.

Videos and gated content

The site uses short videos to enhance its message, presenting customer experiences and stories. 

There is a gated content area — an area offering free downloads with value-added information — for a user willing to give their email address.