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Tribal has done a great job in improving the web-presence of AET. Good communication and a gift to translate our wishes into robust functionality and a comprehensive web design that fulfills our needs made it a pleasure to work on the project to renew and consolidate the websites of AET.

— Director, Association for European Transport

The project

The Association for European Transport (AET) wanted to modernize and integrate the former multiple websites it had to strengthen the link between the association and the annual European Transport Conference it organizes. The new website should contain all the relevant information about the Association and the conference.

AET members and conference attendees have to be able to create an account for managing their abstracts and papers as well as their orders for conference attendance or other activities of the AET.

Next to that we wanted the website to have advanced administrator functionality to support the selection of papers, setting-up the conference programme, managing the membership database and the conference registration.

AET conferences and events

Publications library

AET have a vast library of downloadable resources, we created a searchable document library of papers from previous conferences.

Members can search the entire library or respective annual conference articles, they can be both views on the website or downloaded as pdfs.


Association of European Transport publications

Conference management system

We built and developed a powerful conference management system.

Being within the website, attendees can book a place and pay for it online using the built-in e-commerce system. 

There is a system for speakers to upload papers for presentation at the conference, and further features for handling the process of reviewing papers and allocating them to sessions.

A library feature allows the papers and other materials to be downloaded after the conference.

AET submit an abstract

Online membership system

The new site benefits from Zenario's extranet and e-commerce systems.

Members can sign up and pay online, and there is an organisational membership system allowing client organisations and their members to be managed and given access. 

Conference audience and stage

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