West Heath Outreach

Website that provides training and support for teachers and other professionals working in the field of education for children with special educational needs.

The service we have received from Tribal has been absolutely excellent. The combination of expert knowledge, creativity and flexibility, allied to a willingness to listen and respond to our specific needs, has meant that we now have a website that we are rightly proud of.

— Head of Staff Development and Outreach, West Heath Outreach

Website design

West Heath School is an existing customer of ours, and we were delighted to be asked to design a new site for the Outreach part of the organisation.

This involved a new set of design elements — a refreshing new set of fonts, colours and image styles — and introducing them in a way that both made the new site distinct and yet part of the overall West Heath family of sites.

Other features

The site features a video library, and is mobile, tablet and desktop-friendly.

We built the site to be run on our Zenario content management platform, so that our client can easily add and edit content.