West Heath School

Specialist Independent School  catering for a diverse range of needs for boys and girls.

Working with Tribal to rebuild our website has been an amazing experience. The fundamental part being the actual website is perfect, user friendly, nicely displayed and all in keeping with our branding and brand image.

I could not recommend a better company for creating a website that provides a high level of customer care.

— Head of School, West Heath School

Website redesign and CMS

We are delighted to have been working with West Heath for several years and on a number of website projects.

For the main School website, our task was to take an existing design and evolve it. In particular:

  • We took an existing third party design, and improved the quality of logos and images, and of the website navigation
  • We made it mobile-friendly using responsive design techniques
  • We ported it onto a content management system (CMS) so that the client can now easily edit content on their site.

SEO and search

The client wanted to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO),  and so we undertook various techniques that improved the technical performance of pages. These things revolved around robots.txt files, sitemaps, meta tags, PageSpeed page loading times, and other things.

It was also clear that the site needed richer, more regularly updated content. So we introduced a News area, where the client can easily add news articles. These are great for encouraging search engines to regularly review the site and keep it it a high position in search engine results.

We introduced an improved on-site search, which is in the head of every page. It allows visitors to easily search HTML pages and news.