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How to setup Tribal Systems email on iPhone

This page explains how to set up your email client for an iPhone using secure IMAP.

IMAP is the best - your mail remains on the server but you can "see it" from any number of devices. Whenever you connect, your phone synchronises. If you delete, the email is deleted from both the local copy and from the server.

By making sub-folders, you can create a storage area for your mail. Whenever you move an email into a folder, it does so both on the server and on your local copy. Again they are kept in sync.

We support Secure IMAP (not insecure). You should configure your email client as follows:

On your apple device tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Then tap Add account.

Then tap Other > Add Mail Account.

The incoming mail server settings

Host name: mail.tribiq.net
Username: [enter your full email address]
Password: [enter your email account password]





In the Advanced Settings, make sure your SSL port is set to 993 and is turned on, and that the authentication is Password:



Outgoing mail settings

You should configure your email client with outgoing SMTP settings as follows:

Host Name: mail.tribiq.net
Authentication type: Password
Username: [your full email address]
Password: [your email account password]

Also make sure that SSL is turned on and that the server port is 587


Moving discarded messages

You may find that you cannot trash any of your messages, this is because you must assign a mailbox for them.

To do this go to your mail account's Advanced Settings.

Then select Deleted Mail box.