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Our favourite CMS: What's new in Zenario 7.0.5

Simon Chambers

10 Jun 2015

This page is an overview of the new features that are available to our new and existing customers.

The Chiltern Way Federation website

Simon Chambers

21 May 2015

We were tasked with building a simple and effective brochure website for The Chiltern Way Federation.

Raising the bar for charity

Simon Chambers

18 May 2015

We created and designed a highly visual, easy to manage fundraising widget for the Mary Hare Foundation charity.

Burwood Centre web design

Simon Chambers

26 Mar 2015

We were tasked with creating a brand new look for their website which had to be simple, attractive and deliver information easily to the site visitor.

The benefits of an SSL certificate

Simon Chambers

19 Feb 2015

Security is a factor that should never be overlooked, whether on a brochure website, or a site with an extranet or e-commerce system.

Top 7 reasons why your business needs an extranet

Simon Chambers

5 Feb 2015

An extranet is an area that can only be accessed by privileged users via a password protected login system. This enables information to be exchanged effectively to clients, staff, partners and customers. 


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