Reading, UK — September 3, 2015 — Tribal Systems today announced the launch of its Assetwolf customer portal platform, allowing rapid and cost-effective deployment of customer portals for machine-to-machine (M2M) and internet of things (IoT) applications.

Assetwolf is an enterprise IoT platform. Its aim is to simplify the way companies connect their products and users, in a robust, secure and user-friendly way.

Assetwolf portal launch graphic

Tony Butcher, Tribal Systems' Managing Director commented, "This is the way things will be done in industry in the future. Forward-looking organisations realise that any 'thing', however remote, is expected to be online, all of the time. Customers expect to see anything, however remote, at their fingertips."

Remote assets of all kinds can be connected to the cloud. An asset may be industrial plant, a consumer product, a tracking device, a vehicle; in effect anything, whether fixed or mobile. A "smart modem" usually attaches to the asset in order to acquire its data, or may be embedded in the asset's own circuitry.

Typically the modem uses a GSM connection, and may have GPS and wireless capabilities. It may send data from the asset in to a centralised portal, and may also receive commands from the portal so as to change its own programming or something on the asset. Modems most commonly use the open MQTT standard, and any such device can be connected to an Assetwolf portal.

An Assetwolf portal pulls together the asset data in the cloud, and gives customers access to it through a user-friendly, and mobile-friendly interface. The portal may also combine other customer data, such as from an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, and even documents such as field service reports. It can deliver maps, graphs, handle alarm situations, perform problem diagnosis and much more. The portal may be given its own unique branding, so as to look part of the organisation operating it.

"We are working with a huge range of organisations," added Tony Butcher. "Some are manufacturers creating portals for their immediate customers, while others are system integrators who are building end-to-end IoT systems, of which our portal is just the customer interface. They appreciate the low start-up cost of the Assetwolf platform, and the way it can grow and evolve alongside their idea."

More information

For more information about Assetwolf enterprise customer portal, please visit There is a free-to-use demonstration of a customer portal, showing what a typical customer user might see. There is also an instant sign-up to try out a portal, with complete behind-the-scenes access, as a site owner, or asset fleer manager might see. 

About Tribal Limited

Tribal Systems is a developer of websites and online web applications, providing content management systems and customer portals. Tribal Systems is based in Reading, UK, and is the trading name of Tribal Limited.