We've greatly improved the handling of geo-fences on our Assetwolf internet-of-things portal.

The Assetwolf demo area now allows you to draw your own geo-fences, just like this:

  Drawing a geofence on a map

You can just click around the area that you want to define; then click save and give it a name.

After that, you can define rules, so as to make something happen when an asset (which you may think of as a vehicle, device or "thing") enters or leaves the area. There are various options here:

  • an "alarm" can be raised; this is the high-priority occurrence; it starts when an asset enters the area, or when it leaves the area (your choice); and it ends when the opposite condition occurs
  • an "event" can be logged; this is for low-priority occurrences; Assetwolf records an event whenever an asset enters or leaves an area.

Alarms are the most noticeable; they can be set up to send an email, an SMS, make an audible ping sound on the dashboard, and even to send a pre-prepared command to the asset.

You can view the track of an asset in relation to a geo-fence. Here is an asset entering a geo-fence "Strasbourg":

Map with a trail entering a geofence

The arrows indicate direction of travel, and the chequered flag indicates the last point for the asset. The shaded area is the area bounded by the geo-fence, and the blue shading indicates it's an active area, i.e. there are rules based on this area.

Some customers have asked us if we are trying to launch a vehicle-tracking system. We are not in that market, but we do want to provide an excellent starting point to OEMs or customers who are themselves developing such a system, whether for vehicle tracking or other applications. The concept of vehicle tracking is a good way to demonstrate some of the smarter aspects of Assetwolf; of course there are many applications which won't use mapping at all, and we support these as well through graphs, alarms and other data handling.

Try out geo-fences at http://assetwolf.com/.


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