Reading, UK — November 24, 2016 — Tribal Systems today announced a major upgrade to its Assetwolf customer portal platform, allowing fast and effective deployment of customer portals in Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Assetwolf is an enterprise IoT platform aimed at developers and integrators of connected devices. The platform allows connection from device to cloud using popular methods of connectivity (REST and MQTT), and the processing, sharing and rule-based handling of the data.

The platform is designed to make sense of data in both B2B and B2C applications. In its B2B variant, user access is controlled by company, location and role, thus determining what customers can see and do with the data. This aims Assetwolf strongly at industrial Internet of Things customers. In its B2C variant, individual customers have direct control over their assets, a move which strengthens Assetwolf as a player in the smart home and mobile telematics markets.

Assetwolf has ways of making sense of data at many levels, from the micro to the helicopter view. Superusers of its portals can define incoming field handling, how data is aggregated across multiple assets, and how it bubbles up into broader statistics. Key performance indicators can be viewed by corporate customers on a dashboard, with data being summarised in real time.

Users can also define alarm conditions that can arise, whether at the individual or broader levels, and alarm handling procedures to be enacted.

Tony Butcher, Tribal Systems' Managing Director commented, "By putting structured intelligence into the Assetwolf cloud, our users can rapidly create applications that monitor, visualise and control huge numbers of things. Customers get a broad vista of their data, with immediate ability to spot problems and zoom in. All of this can be in real time.

"An entire industrial plant, or fleet of vehicles, or a customer installed base of any product could be visualised, managed and maintained by Assetwolf."

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