We have been working with Rapid Washrooms, a leading innovator in the washrooms automation and maintenance industry, to deliver its internet-connected systems to the market.

The overall system embodies a range of dispensers connected to washroom facilities that deliver cleaning fluids to toilet cisterns, and soap to soap dispensers. The dispensers ensure that toilets and wash basins are always maintained in top condition.

The dispensers are connected to the "internet of things", so it is possible to reduce costs and improve service beyond that possible in a traditionally-maintained washroom.

How it works

Rapid Washrooms' range of connected devices connect securely over local wi-fi networks and send data to the internet every few minutes. Depending on the type of device, they may send information about consumable levels, frequency of use, and other service information, with all this data being received and processed on an Assetwolf internet of things portal.


The Assetwolf system assesses incoming data for certain patterns; for example, it can raise a warning condition when consumable levels need to be topped-up, or an alarm if there is a malfunction in one of the devices.

"There is a considerable return on investment", commented Rapid Washrooms CEO Edward Lymn. "There is a reduction in routine maintenance tasks which are simply not needed when the devices monitor so many aspects of the washroom, and beyond that we deliver a higher standard of cleanliness and round-the-clock dependability than was ever before possible."

The Assetwolf IoT portal allows users to log in and see things appropriate to them. While customers can log in and see the status of their facilities, Rapid's maintenance personnel can easily monitor numerous systems from a large dashboard. The dashboard gives access to graphs of usage per hour, and shows alarms and health reports on all dispensers.

All this can be done in real time, and even from a mobile device.

smart-washroom-chart.jpgThere's also a rich reporting environment, in which PDF reports are created daily, weekly or monthly for customers. This makes it possible to view data on a broad level (e.g. by location or building), and to drill down to more specific areas or individual devices. This can satisfy overall management reporting and auditing requirements.

Mr Lymn said of Tribal's Assetwolf system, "Tribal has shown it has the ideas and know-how to deliver a leading edge platform, enabling us to offer a service we never thought possible. The Assetwolf platform is the key to delivering and continually enhancing our service."

About Rapid Washrooms

Rapid Washrooms is based in Hayling Island, Hampshire, UK. It is an innovative provider of washroom services for installations of all sizes. For more information visit http://rapidwashrooms.com.

About Tribal Systems

Tribal Systems is based in Reading, UK, and is the trading name of Tribal Limited. Trading since 1996, Tribal Systems is a developer of websites and online web applications, delivering IoT platforms, customer portals, content management systems and creative design.

For more information about Tribal Systems, please visit http://tribalsystems.uk.